Trademark Registration and Protection


You’ve worked hard to create your product or service. You have your image and reputation to protect.

The importance of brand protection has never been greater than it is today. Digital marketing, social media and content marketing have exploded on to every device from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and smart phones. The cornerstone of your brand is often your trademark. The Stark Law Firm offers a wide variety of services to our clients to register and maintain your trademark and protect your company from any potential infringement of your rights to use and license your mark.


Free Search of Your Trademark’s Availability

With a single telephone consultation we will perform a free comprehensive research of your trademark to see if it is available to register. The search of your trademark is free and without obligation.


Register Your Trademark

Once we determine that the mark is not taken, we will make application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on your behalf. If there are any non-substantive Office Actions by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, our firm will respond  immediately to resolve them. When your trademark is accepted for registration, we will provide you with an official U.S government certificate.


Monitor Your Trademark for Infringement

It is difficult in this global marketplace for companies to know where their next trademark infringement issue will come from. After you have received your trademark registration, our firm can offer trademark infringement monitoring services to protect your company from improper or unlicensed use of your brand.


Renew Your Trademark

Our firm will also renew your trademark registration when it is time to do so.


License Your Trademark

Should you decide that you wish to license your trademark independently or in conjunction with a service or product agreement, our attorneys can counsel you and provide the necessary licensing documentation.


Let the Stark Law Firm establish, maintain and protect your valuable trademark.


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