Services Offered

The problem is familiar


Your small business or growing startup needs help with legal issues and questions on a fairly regular basis, but is not in the position to hire a full time general counsel — or to pay that large expense.


We have the solution


The Stark Law Firm is a business law firm with affordable and predictable flat-fee pricing. We offer hourly billing to those clients who prefer this method.


Our firm can also act as your General Counsel at a fraction of the cost of either engaging a traditional law firm or hiring a full-time in-house attorney. Under this program, we are on-call to handle routine, recurring and day-to-day legal matters. Our services include a broad range of legal subjects that an active business like yours encounters.


Our Fees


  • General Counsel Your company can hire our firm for a set number of hours per month, at an affordable flat fee. No billing by the hour, no unpredictable legal costs, and no need to engage a new lawyer every time a legal issue arises. Our flat fee is often less than 50% of what a company would pay if they paid a traditional firm by the hour.

  • Flat Fee Projects For certain legal services which are project or task based, (such as corporate formation or the drafting of a contract) The Stark Law Firm can charge a flat fee.

  • Hourly Billing – Some clients feel more comfortable with a billable hour model. We are happy to provide our legal services this way as well.

Unlike our traditional law firm counterparts, we don’t charge for paralegal hours, legal secretary hours, ordinary travel expenses, ordinary photocopies, nation-wide phone calls, or other incidental expenses.


Services Include


  • Business entity counseling, selection and formation

  • Shareholder and Operating Agreements

  • Intellectual property protection

  • Employment law

  • Corporate governance

  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts

  • Negotiating, drafting, and reviewing office and real estate leases

  • Equipment leasing

  • Licensing (with regulatory agencies)

  • Compliance review

  • Compliance violation response and representation’

  • Sending, reviewing, and responding to demand letters

  • Cease and Desist Letters

  • Reviewing and responding to Cease and Desist letters

  • Partner/Reseller/Distributor agreements

  • Professional services agreements

  • Development/outsourcing agreements

  • Software/technology/license agreements

  • Early-stage and follow on venture financing

  • Severance agreements

  • Employee handbooks

  • Attending board meetings and drafting minutes

  • Risk Management Policies and Procedures

  • Complete transaction support for Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Due diligence and deal support for acquisitions and complex transactions

  • Pre-litigation dispute resolution

  • Managing litigation performed by outside legal counsel

  • Internal investigations

  • Advising management on legal implications of decisions or deals

  • Responding to customer or vendor complaints or proposals



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